To effectively organize your move, begin months ahead. Along with making arrangements, you'll want to tend to countless details that can overwhelm anyone if they're left to the last week before the move.
Make a master checklist of everything that must be done. So that you don't fall behind, schedule a deadline for each task and check off each task when it is done. There's so much involved in a move that you may forget what has already been accomplished.
Get carpets and slipcovers cleaned before you move. They'll come back wrapped and ready to transport, and you won't have to spend time trying to do this at your new location.
Start going through your home to determine which things will go with you, donate, garage sale and throw away.
If moving with pets and children see if friends or relatives could help out on moving day. If not, find a room where they can keep entertained during the move for safety reasons.
Notify landlord (if applicable).
Contact Telephone to organise reconection/installation of a line.
Inform Gas and Electrical companies that you will be the new owner of the property.
Book time off work.
Tell Post Office to redirect mail on date of move.
Make plan of your new location and decide which rooms will be used for what.
Arrange for any final bills to be paid.
Have meters read and pay any outstanding amount.
Cancel any services, e.g. window cleaner, milkman, newspaper delivery.
Confirm arrangements with utility companies.
Arrange the exchange of keys. Collect yours as soon as possible.
Find some old blankets to put down in new house to protect carpets.
Be sure to defrost your fridge and freezer during the week before you move.

















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